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    Most local businesses are missing marketing opportunities that are FREE or low-cost. Often money is spent on things that are completely ineffective or are way over-priced.

    I get the same emails and calls as you do…”We’ll get you ranked in 100 search engines,  get you listed here and there.” And so forth. Search Engine Optimization can work, but often it doesn’t, and done wrong, your site can disappear from the search results completely. Like many other firms, we do some things in-house (I build the websites, and create the videos), and some things work better by partnering with international firms that can do the repetitive steps quicker and cheaper.

    If you want to know about SEO, directories, local business marketing visit Phil Rozek’s LocalVisibilitySystem.com. In a recent blog he says:

    Will you be as cautious online as you are offline? Most SEO companies aren’t. Most have cocooned themselves away from the consequences of what they do and say.  One result is they suggest some crazy stuff for your business, in the name of rankings.

    My main SEO firm charges me $259/month. I mark it up as a limited special to $297/month. You can see the details at More Local Business.
    There are 22 steps that they do, including creating or enhancing your Google My Business page (your business has to have one). Other firms like mine use the same service and mark it up to $600 to $1,000 per month. I have expertise, and that includes when to partner with true experts.  My “best services for local businesses” associate is Steve Halldin from Velocity Marketing. We can do more for less. Call me.

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    I use the prefix “easy” in most of my websites. It isn’t that difficult to get any local business more clients, customers, or patients. Best of all, I have programs, like Check-In and The Restaurant Birthday Club, that can have success happen within a week or two.  They have a zero chance of failure!

    Websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook advertising, Google My Business pages, website security, graphics, videos, resumes, LinkedIn profiles… I offer all of these, and my pricing is very reasonable. In a project where my expertise is limited, I have a group of more experienced experts that I work with.

    The best part of working with a small business, or an individual is seeing success for both of us.

    A few of my fun projects. My websites further down.

    Send me a digital photo at least 1000px X 1000px of you, someone else, or a couples photo and I’ll run it through Portrait Professional
    and I’ll get it back to you at no charge (limited time offer). Portrait Professional does the usual blemish and red-eye removal, but also
    has a algorithm of what a good-looking face is, and does some reshaping. You’ll never look better.  No makeup? PP will even add makeup.

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