5 disk cover-all carnival game using Elysian coasters.

Can be used in company promotions. Call me…I’ll give you the dimensions for two versions you will need – one easy and one hard.
Better yet, I can send you the image file for the red circle. Print in color with the bar’s name or your name.

The disks get dropped from the height of an inch or more. Any red showing after five coasters (the carnival version uses metal disks)
and the person loses. I found your coasters at Victory Land in Millis, MA, but I don’t see them listed on your website. The thin coasters
work well. Notice that I printed Victory Lane’s logo on the laminated game. I left them two to entertain drinkers at the bar.

If you give these to bars, the customer will be staring at your message consistently for 30 seconds or so.
Any distributors in Massachusetts? I think this would be fun as a contest. Prizes! T-shirts that have your logo!

Need to send someone across the US doing the contests? See how it works at your local sites. Call me.

Art Derfall 978-408-8280