FREE CHAMBER PROGRAM even if everyone is stuck at home

Turning the crisis into “crisisaid”

I sent your Chamber of Commerce these three documents (scroll) the other day by regular mail. In short, Local Chamber Boost (about 15 of us) helps your Chamber:

  1. Lead by example. If your members follow your lead, they will get more business, customers, or clients. Isn’t that their goal?
  2. Meet your Chamber’s Mission Statement.
  3. Your Chamber becomes the 3rd Chamber in the U.S. (7,000 Chambers) to get 100 Google reviews from your members within 30 days. The first in Massachusetts.

With my help (I live in Franklin, MA), this is accomplished free and without a contract. When you reach the 100 mark, Local Chamber Boost gifts you a Progressive Web Application. That, plus a few other digital assets – the package is worth more that $4,500. You don’t have to accept any of the gifts, but you will want them. No Chamber has turned them down.

Did I mention FREE?  It needs a little explaining, but there is no “catch”.

Google is holding back publishing reviews during the coronavirus pandemic. We have a strategy for that.

Call me. Art Derfall  978-408-8280.


First Chamber in the US to get 100 Google Reviews – Goshen NY Chamber of Commerce.

Watch Executive Director Barbara Martinez describe her Chamber’s Free Progressive Web App.

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The 3 Pages I sent by mail below