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    Getting reviews (especially good ones) is important to your business, revenue, and search rankings. There are many sites that offer a service on a monthly basis that work well, but I’ve found a great one-time-payment alternative that works just as well that can save you a lot of money.

    I’ve set the reviews so that 1 to 3 stars is a bad rating, 4 or 5 is good. Bad reviews don’t get posted. The visitor sees a “sorry” page. Their contact info  goes  to me/you to follow up by phone, email, or letter. Good reviews go to a different page, so that they can post the review on Google My Business, Facebook, Judy’s Page, etc.

    Try posting both a good and bad review. Let me know in the text field that you are testing. Feel free to post a good review. Call me.

    By the way, it’s very important that business websites that have an area for a visitor to submit personal or financial information to have an SSL certificate. Google is penalizing websites that don’t. You can tell by putting https://  before your URL.  Try http:// and you will probably see an “i” in a circle click on that. It’s inexpensive to buy one, but difficult to have it installed. I can do it for $97/year and (for a limited time) really lock down your website against most hackers. Visit

    I don’t have an SSL certificate on this site in order to show the difference. Note the “i” in address area.
    Visit to see beautiful and effective templates that can be modified to your needs.


    Please rate the site. (your test of review page)

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